True North Financial Coaching

Creating financial hope, one life at a time!


Welcome to True North Financial Coaching I am so excited that you have chosen to learn more about us.  My name is Susan Bowles and I am a financial life coach.  I live in Central Illinois and have over 28 years of experience in the Insurance and Financial Services industry.  

If you are searching for financial from debt, guilt, poor choices, or lack of preparation for retirement, you have now taken your first step.  Congratulations!



Our values are based upon character, integrity and trust. We pride ourselves in offering solutions to help you achieve the financial freedom that you have dreamed of.



To create financial hope, one life at a time.



We were founded on a passion to make a difference for others by creating financial hope and freedom, one life at a time.  True North Financial Coaching represents the 'compass' that each of us has within us, and is based upon our core principles and values. This compass will guide your decisions, based upon your true values. Follow your compass, as it will always guide your decisions to the incredible life that God has planned for you.